Program Offered

Our curriculum and instruction are individually appropriate because they are continuously adjusted to accommodate individuality of learning style, personal
family experience, and cultural background. The activities, community visitors and field trips are chosen because they are locally relevant and meaningful to the children. The learning is collaborative, an active, constructive process and happens in response to the children's interest, and it is interactive and reflective
of program goals. The curriculum we utilize is based on the project approach and is developed from teacher planned, themed  connected, experiences for our multi-aged classrooms. This approach works especially well for mixed age classes because it allows for a variety of instructional groupings - individual, small group, and whole group. The collaborative nature of the project approach allows everyone a chance to be the expert at some point in the learning process. This type of curriculum gives all of the children something to talk about - including the bilingual child - necessitating their verbal exchanges will enable us to always keep you up to date.