Program Offered

About Our Facility

We believe that families, teachers, and the learning environment should all work together to support young children's developing fluency in language and emerging literacy skills. Developmentally appropriate displays - print with photos, nursery rhymes, and seasonal displays affords the children many opportunities to talk with each other and with their teachers, to listen, to question, to explore, to read and write for real-life purposes. The environment is designed to support language and literacy. The classrooms are supportive, respectful, and inclusive to families. We welcome and involve families with photos, developmental panels, parent communication boards with current events and volunteer opportunities, and a mail center to send and receive written messages within the program.


Mary Paola is the onsite owner/director. She also teaches at the center. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, summa cum laude, in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Paola has owned and operated Little Lamb Nursery, LLC since 1987.


All teachers at Little Lamb Nursery, LLC have educational backgrounds in Early Childhood Education which can be reviewed at the center. Teachers have also received credentials through the State of New Hampshire.